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Kimberly Marsh grew up in Michigan, “The Mitten State.” Her favorite time of the year is Summer. She lived by the lakeshore of Grand Haven, enjoying the beach lifestyle. The Summers are really short in Michigan and life circumstances happened and she decided to move near the ocean. Kimberly has always had an interest in houses that need work. She enjoys helping homeowners see the vision in their own homes and helps make their houses more appealing to buyers when selling.

Kimberly can look at a house and see its potential. This helps sellers maximize their selling price and Kimberly helps buyers find just the right home for them because she listens to their wants and needs. Because of vision she carefully chooses homes to show her buyers that end up being perfect for them.

Kimberly and her husband have been working on houses for years. Together they purchase a home, fix it up, improve its function and character, and then sell it.

Due to bad experiences when purchasing and selling a home, Kimberly decided to educate herself on buying and selling real estate and became a licensed Realtor.

Kimberly experienced firsthand what it was like to have a bad home buying and selling experience and she does not want that to happen to anyone else. It’s easy to group all Realtors into a category and say that all Realtors are the same but Kimberly decided she is going to make a difference and who you work with matters . Creating a positive experience one client at a time. Kimberly has integrity and she is an agent with heart. She genuinely cares about her clients and enjoys problem-solving with them. Problem-solving is so important when helping clients make the best decision that is right for them when they are selling, buying, and/or investing in real estate.

Kimberly is committed to becoming the best in her market at getting the best results for every one of her clients.

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